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Cas­cade wash­ing sta­tion

This ma­chine is used to wash away salt residues on rub­ber pro­files.

The cas­cade de­sign brings about a si­mul­ta­ne­ous salt en­rich­ment in the cool­ing water in the first zone, thus al­low­ing the water flow­ing away to be con­veyed to a salt re­cov­ery plant for dis­posal.

The cas­cade wash­ing sta­tion con­sists of three zones each mea­sur­ing ap­prox. 2,000 mm in length and 400 mm in width (ef­fec­tive width 350 mm).

The rub­ber pro­file is fed through the wash­ing area over non-pow­ered rollers and si­mul­ta­ne­ously im­mersed in the water tank.

Cool­ing basin

This ma­chine is used for the au­to­matic cool­ing of pro­file ma­te­ri­als made of rub­ber. It is set up im­me­di­ately down­stream of a vul­can­i­sa­tion plant.

The rub­ber pro­file is fed di­rectly from the vul­can­i­sa­tion plant over an in­take roller into the cool­ing chan­nel and is kept under water over the en­tire length of the cool­ing sec­tion, al­low­ing the rub­ber pro­file to be moist­ened with the cool­ing water.

Upon leav­ing the cool­ing basin the rub­ber pro­file tra­verses an air dry­ing noz­zle.

Water and air cool­ing sec­tion

This ma­chine is used for au­to­mat­i­cally cool­ing flocked pro­file ma­te­ri­als made of rub­ber or PVC. It is po­si­tioned di­rectly down­stream of a flock coat­ing ma­chine.

The rub­ber pro­file due to be cooled is placed on non-pow­ered feed rollers and fed through the cool­ing sec­tion.

The pro­file is ad­di­tion­ally blasted with cold air and thus cooled down.

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