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A flock ma­chine with a pro­por­tion­ing-brush mea­sur­ing ap­prox. 1000 mm in length and a pro­por­tion­ing-brush mea­sur­ing ap­prox. 200 mm in di­am­e­ter in com­bi­na­tion with pro­por­tion­ing from a con­tainer. The height of the pro­por­tion­ing de­vice with re­spect to the rub­ber pro­file can be ad­justed and is in­stalled in the con­tainer.

 With the pos­si­bil­ity of re­mov­ing the flock-ag­glom­er­ates

If re­quested by the cus­tomer, this flock coat­ing plant can also be sup­plied with an au­to­matic charg­ing de­vice.

No air-con­di­tion­ing cabin is re­quired with this flock ma­chine.

Open Flock Coating

A flock machine with a proportioning-brush measuring approx. 1000 mm in length and a proportioning-brush measuring approx. 200 mm in diameter. The height of the proportioning device with respect to the rubber profile can be adjusted.

 With the possibility of removing the flock-agglomerates

If requested by the customer, this flock coating plant can also be supplied with an automatic charging device.

No air-conditioning cabin is required with this flock machine.

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