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We have extended our machine port folio by extruders!

Strong profile extruding solutions

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After a two year development phase, during which many of our customrs have assisted us, we were already able to achieve a very high standard with the start of our first extruder.

Our extruders are already in use by many of our customers. In the focus of our extruder design are space  saving solutions, so that several components can be extruded at the same time.

Our extruders are used for the production of the following:

  • Rubber profiles such as window- and door sealings, vehicle- and construction profiles.
  • Rubber hoses
  • Cable coating
  • Silicone rubber products etc.


Standard Extruder

Our new standard extruders are available in various sizes and have
proven successful after only a short time. They are applicable for the
processing of all extrudable rubber compounds and stand out due to our
special space-saving solutions.

Vacuum Extruder
Our vaccum-extruders are suitable for the production of non-porous profiles and hoses. During the vacuum extrusion light volatile components are being removed from the rubber compound due to a special  screw and vent barrel, which is connected with a vacuum pump. Our vacuum extruders are preferably used in continuous, unpressurized vulcanization lines.

Silicone Extruder
Currently TSM together with an independent institute is developing a new technology for silicone extrusion.

Our co-extruders are qualified to extrude several compounds at the same time due to our special space-saving solutions. It is possible to also add metal reinforcements to the profile. This way it is possible for you to produce multilayer rubber profiles. The arrangement of the extruders can be flexibly designed according to your needs.

Extrusion Tools
Besides our extrusion lines we also design and build extrusion heads and co-extrusion tools according to your specific needs.

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