Near infrared shock vulcanisation


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NIRV 201 shock vul­can­i­sa­tion ap­pa­ra­tus

This unit is used to con­sid­er­ably im­prove the fol­low­ing points dur­ing vul­can­i­sa­tion by vul­can­is­ing the sur­face around 360º:

  • In­crease in pro­duc­tiv­ity (higher pro­duc­tion speeds > 25%)
  • In­crease in the sta­bil­ity of lip pro­files (no need for lace sup­ports)
  • Im­prove­ment of the sur­face struc­ture in sponge rub­ber pro­files
  • Higher en­ergy input for non-con­duct­ing blends (UHF)
  • Avoid­ance of belt con­tact marks

With a speed of ap­prox. 15 m/min for the pro­duc­tion line and an input tem­per­a­ture of ap­prox. 90ºC for the ex­tru­date, the sur­face heats up to over 200ºC.

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