Salt Bath Vulcanisation

Salt bath vulcanisation plant

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The salt bath vul­can­i­sa­tion plant is used for the pres­sure­less and step­less vul­can­i­sa­tion of rub­ber pro­files made from de­gassed rub­ber blends.

The salt bath has a mod­u­lar struc­ture and is di­vided up into dif­fer­ent sec­tions (salt sprin­kling sec­tion, im­mer­sion sec­tion and clean­ing sec­tion).

The var­i­ous mod­ules are joined to one an­other on a basic frame­work.

The salt bath vul­can­i­sa­tion plant is heated by means of gas burn­ers, which are in­stalled un­der­neath the salt tank (di­rect heat­ing).

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