Full Surface Flocking

Flocking systems for surface flocking

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This flock ma­chine is suit­able for pro­cess­ing DC or AC flock and all types of cut flock fi­bres avail­able on the mar­ket for di­rect ap­pli­ca­tion sys­tems.

The elec­tro­sta­tic com­po­nents in the ma­chine com­ply with the VDE reg­u­la­tions 0147 cur­rently in force.

Tech­ni­cal data:
Work­ing widths of be­tween 500 and 4,000 mm
Flock pro­por­tion­ing units rang­ing from 500 up to 4,200 mm max.
Dis­charge en­ergy 350 mJ

Consisting of:

  • Pre-dos­ing unit
  • Flock dos­ing unit
  • Sup­port frame for the dos­ing unit
  • As­pi­ra­tion on top with vac­uum suc­tion box below
  • Vi­bra­tion ta­bles with beater bars
  • Trans­port belt with inlet and out­let struc­ture and clamp­ing de­vice or ten­ter frame
  • High volt­age gen­er­a­tors (DC or AC)
  • Suc­tion sys­tem with cy­clone and fil­ter
  • Air-con­di­tion­ing cabin with in­su­lated walls
  • Air-con­di­tion­ing unit

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